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What are the system requirements for myPhoto Recovery?

Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 3 through Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 8.1 up to Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit

CPU architecture: 32-bit or 64-bit processor

Not supported: iOS, Android, Windows RT, Windows Mobile, etc.

Disk space: at least 20MB free disk space for software executable files

RAM: at least 1GB RAM

How to install the software?

Download the executable file and run it following the prompts of the installer.

How do I recover my photos from a pen drive?

Connect your pen drive (or any other portable storage), find it in the list of storages in the software, scan it, choose the needed photos and recover them.

What is the difference between a free and a full version?

A free trial version allows users to check the functionality of the program and make sure that the needed photos can be recovered. It also provides recovery of files that are less than 768 KB each. To recover bigger files, a full version of the software must be activated. To activate the software in its full functionality, the user must purchase a license.

What are the trial limitations of the free software version?

The software does not allow copying and saving files bigger than 768 KB.

What if the software doesn’t see the needed storage?

Depending on the type of the storage, it may appear in different sections: all flash drives, portable hard drives, memory cards of photo cameras will appear in External devices, internal drives will be shown in the coordinate section – Internal devices, and the partitions of the internal hard drives will be presented in Logical disks. If you do not see the needed storage, try pressing the “Refresh storages” button. In case of working with external storage check its connection to a computer.

Why there is no small preview of some images?

When your storage is scanned, the program shows all found images. Some might be shown in little previews, however, for some the option of a little preview is disabled. Yet, you can always fully preview the image before recovery regardless of the availability of the little preview option.

Why is my smartphone not shown in the list of storages?

myPhoto Recovery does not work with mobile phones and smartphones. However, it can easily recover photos from a memory card of your phone. To do this, extract the memory card and connect it to a computer.

How long does the recovery procedure take?

The duration of the recovery process depends on the memory capacity of the storage and the total size of files to be recovered. It might take from a couple of minutes to several hours.